Payment Terms Whitepaper

Whether you are buying or selling an independent insurance agency, the payment terms of the sale are going to be very important. The actual selling price is of highest importance, however, how and when a seller gets paid is of equal interest. Each side should discuss payment terms early in the negotiations and not let the discussion on the subject come at the end right before closing. If you do wait, you might nix the overall transaction.

In this short whitepaper we will discuss various aspects of payment terms. The material discussed is for informational purposes and each buyer and seller of an agency needs to make their own decision. In other words, you are the ultimate decision maker.

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Manual for Buyers

Before  Buying an Insurance Agency – Read This

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Our firm has been helping match-up buyers and sellers of independent insurance agencies for
nearly 9 years. Over this time, we have garnered a wealth of information that can help those
interested in buying another independent insurance agency.

Most of this whitepaper will discuss pitfalls to avoid in the acquisition process, however, we will
also share more lighthearted comments.

Some buyers we work with have bought many agencies over the years while others are “newbies” to the process. No matter which category you may be in, please take time to consider the details in this paper.

Click here to download our Manual for Buyers in PDF format.

Buy an Insurance Agency

Buy An Insurance Agency

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

No, we are not here to talk about Clint Eastwood gunning down some bad guy in the Old West. Although Eastwood is the favorite actor of the author of this blog. However, when talking about revenues over a period of years, a buyer will want to know the “why” behind the financial picture. It’s easy to sit and look at financial statements and say this is a good or bad prospective seller because revenues are up or down by a certain percentage.

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