Custom Searches For Agency Sellers

Custom Acquisition Searches” – If you are having trouble trying to locate independent insurance agencies for sale in your area, this may be the solution.  RCC will conduct a highly-focused campaign to contact agency owners in your area on a hourly-based, retainer-style basis.  Buyers using this program receive the following benefits:

  • Confidentiality during the search.
  • Exclusivity from RCC with sellers uncovered (limited competition).
  • Daily or weekly feedback on program results.
  • Control over the search parameters (i.e. number of calls, type of buyers contacted, geography etc.)

Since we are a third-party, and not the competition down the street, RCC has a high-degree of success in getting agency owners to “open up” about their career plans.  There are many reasons to sell.  Retirement is an obvious motivating factor, however, family obligations (moving to be closer to older parents) or a change of industry can be included.

Our fees are on an hourly basis and allow for a reduced contingency fee at closing.  Many buyers have already signed-up with this program in their respective area.  Don’t get left out and we’ve done 100+ successful searches to date!