Sell My Insurance Agency – Buy an Insurance Agency

Ron Christopher Co., Inc. (RCC) is a specialized firm that strictly focuses on M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) work with owners of independent insurance agencies throughout the U.S.  We help bring together buyers and sellers of agencies both small and large that are looking to acquire or sell.  Since we narrow our practice to the independent insurance agency market, we can more highly help navigate our clients through the M&A process.

Many agency owners have successfully built their agencies over several decades, but, don’t have family members or qualified in-house employees to take over as retirement approaches.  Other owners are “mid-career” and simply want to pursue new interests/careers or desire to live closer to friends and family.  In any event, it can be quite hard to find a prospective buyer that has the right qualifications without outside help.

As for buyers, many medium and smaller agencies don’t have the in-house M&A staff to search the market for prospective acquisitions.  Even large national or international stalwarts overlook sellers that may want to deal with an intermediary for confidentiality purposes.

Our goal is to search-out, qualify and bring together buyers and sellers based on mutually beneficial criteria for each party.  To use a trite analogy, think about the anxiousness surrounding a “blind date”.  Of course, we don’t arrange blind dates, however, RCC uses it’s rich history of industry knowledge to help sort-out prospects.

Meet Our Team

Diane Fowler

Diane graduated from Western Illinois University in Marketing and handles our business with buyers and sellers in Florida. She has ...

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Joel Farley

Joel has 28 years of business-to-business corporate and small business sales experience. Likewise, he has a background in Accounting and ...

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Tom Bob

Tom has a 25+ year track record as a successful entrepreneur and he is a graduate of Ohio University with ...

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Ken Hill

Ken has a 25+ year career in the packaging industry at the Director and VP levels for sales groups. He ...

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Cindy Walker

Cindy has 13 years of business experience working in management as well as owning her own company. She has a ...

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Connie Bob

During Connie’s career, she has been an Office Manager, owner of two businesses and has many years of working in ...

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